Tap & Park API

Autopay Tap & Park API allows validating parking in Autopay. To validate parking using Tap & Park API, one must have a Tap & Park device configured in Autopay.io and corresponding API credentials must be used.

Get API credentials

Talk to your Autopay representative.

Create access token

Access tokens are used for authentication and authorization in all Autopay APIs, including the Tap & Park API. How to create access tokens and how to use them are described in How to authenticate your application.

Available resources

POST - validate parking

Use the endpoint to validate the parking for a vehicle. The vehicle must have a running parking in the specific parking facility. The details of how much parking time is validated and how often validation can be done for the same vehicle is configured for the specific tenant.


POST https://api.autopay.io/tnp/validation

Request parameters

  • The request body must be in JSON format and HTTP headers must include Content-Type: application/json.
  • The headers must include a valid access token for Tap & Park API.

Parameter Type Mandatory Description
vehicle_reg string yes Vehicle registration. Can only include letters and numbers
device_id string no ID of the Tap & Park device

Example request

    "vehicle_reg": "123ABC",
    "device_id": "NNYQPA"

Success response

HTTP Code: 200 OK

Parameter Type Description
vehicle_reg string Vehicle registration
status string Parking status
start_time datetime (ISO 8601) Tap & Park start time
end_time datetime (ISO 8601) Tap & Park end time
duration number Duration in seconds

Example response

    "vehicle_reg": "123ABC",
    "status": "INPROGRESS",
    "start_time": "2021-09-08T09:36:16+0000",
    "end_time": "2021-09-08T11:36:16+0000",
    "duration": 7200

Error messages

Parameter Type Description
error_id string Specific code of error. See below for possible values
message string Description of error
description string Optional value. Additional description of error

Example error response

    "error_id": "authentication_error",
    "message": "No access token present in header!"

Possible error id-s

Error id Explanation
forbidden Unauthorized
internal_server_error Internal server error
parking_validation_no_active_parking_found No active parking found
parking_validation_validation_already_exists Validation for vehicle <vehicle reg> already exists
parking_validation_concurrent_limit_exceeded Concurrent parking limit is reached
invalid_vehicle_reg Invalid vehicle registration. Can only include letters and numbers